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z o n a r o o t s


Welcome to the home of my art and passion projects. The name ~ ZonaRoots ~ serves as a reminder that my roots are strong no matter where I wander. A homage to my desert home and a reminder to seek the roots, whether that be with global immersion & travel, health & healing or knowledge & wisdom. Thanks for exploring with me.   

ZonaRoots began as a blog in 2021. Initially an online space to tell friends and family about travel adventures, ZonaRoots has evolved to be a dynamic platform for wellness and writing. Explore the website and you will find the services I offer as a certified yoga instructor and my work as an aspiring creative writer and contemplative blogger.

Various health challenges have inspired me to live a life of dedicated practice of movement and mindfulness. It was in 2022 while backpacking Southeast Asia that I was able to fulfil a lifelong dream of mine and train to be a certified yoga instructor. Yoga and meditation are practices that humans have embodied for thousands of years to bring greater wellbeing into their lives, and mine has been no exception.


Much of this journey thus far, its curious mysteries and ponderings, accumulate in my first body of work titled When Nature Wakes, which was written along the span of one year and three continents. This is a debut collection of poetry and prose about consciousness, human existence and infinity, and the necessity of healing, of claiming a life of wellbeing and true living. It is currently in the final stages of editing and design, and I am dreaming of the day I get to share it with the world. 


If you are interested in keeping up with this project that are in constant evolution, please consider joining my ZonaRoots Newsletter. I will send out important updates regarding When Nature Wakes, as well as any new yoga + meditation offerings and blog posts. 

With love,

Shayne Tarquinio

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