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ZonaRoots Blog is a passion project that intersects exploration and storytelling, expression and self-celebration. Follow along on my eight-month Southeast Asia backpacking adventure!

This is soul work. A creative experiment of sorts. The name

itself - ZonaRoots - serves as a reminder that my roots are strong no matter where I wander. 

So, welcome!

Thanks so much for being here.

I'm excited to see what ZonaRoots grows into.

travel. explore. adventure.



A trip to Yellowstone in the middle of summer ~ a place that so effortlessly elicits flowery prose and daydreamy moments.



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       ZonaRoots Blog has been in the works for some time now. The idea was planted in college, fertilized by my journalism and global studies majors. One semester was spent studying abroad in Italy and backpacking Europe, others were spent in classrooms and newsrooms reporting on the local community. Both my majors were extremely exploratory; I loved learning, deepening my breadth of knowledge, and watching my interests evolve. 

        I'm a writer by nature and found a passion for interviewing people, documenting scenes, and the connection to community that came with journalistic work. Feel free to explore my portfolio: a profile of my favorite coffee shop in Tucson; features about Holocaust survivors; polarized points of view on local immigration issues; a holistic look at University of Arizona Greek Life. 

        It is this kind of work that brings me a simultaneous sense of adventure and inner peace. This kind of work, and so much more, that ZonaRoots will feature. 

        In college, it can feel like you’re planning for the rest of your life. But all I knew I wanted to do was travel and write, write and travel. After graduation, I planned to backpack and blog about it. COVID-19 put those plans on pause, but that created space to cultivate ZonaRoots. 

        ZonaRoots explores soul - the heart of people and places and moments, so uniquely vibrant and vivacious that I just couldn’t help but try to document them. To express essence, to do creative justice, to honor.  ​

       ZonaRoots is my adventure - it's a platform for exploration of my Arizona Roots and the world beyond. I am currently on my long-awaited backpacking adventure in Southeast Asia!

       I am so happy you're here. I'm so happy that ZonaRoots is finally here. I can't wait to see what it grows into and how it flourishes.

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